Squire’s Library

Adventurer's Guide

Start your journey with Game Squire's Ultimate Guide: Master the realms, combat, and magic. This essential reference covers all gameplay aspects, providing strategies, character guidance, and clear explanations to craft your saga. See The Guide

Character Classes

Master your destiny with Game Squire's Class Compendium: From valiant warriors to cunning mages, choose your path and unlock the secrets to power and prowess. See The Classes

Gear & Artifacts

Discover treasures untold, where ancient relics and mystical equipment await to empower your journey. Unveil the secrets of legendary items, each brimming with history and power, ready to transform your quests into epic tales. See The Gear

Creature Compendium

Dive into Game Squire's Illustrated Monsters Archive: your ultimate guide to mythical creatures and foes. Explore profiles, lore, and strategic insights. See The Creatures

Race & Heritage

Discover the rich tapestry of cultures in Game Squire's Character Races Guide: from noble elves to sturdy dwarves, explore the origins, traits, and histories of each race, unveiling a world of diversity and depth. See The Races


Unleash magic with Game Squire's Illustrated Spells Compendium: your source for arcane knowledge and spellcasting mastery. Discover spells, enchantments, and wizardry secrets. See The Spells

Squire's Journal

Explore the Squire's Journal for expert insights and essential tips on mastering monsters, spells, gear, and skills in your fantasy adventure. Your ultimate guide to thriving in a world of magic and mystery. See The Journal