Hero 6.2

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Welcome to Game Squire, the ultimate realm for creative minds and strategic players!

Game Squire is a premier role-playing game platform that caters to all types of adventurers, whether you’re embarking on your first quest or commanding sagas as a seasoned Game Master. Our three distinct tiers of membership are meticulously designed to enhance your experience in our expansive, interactive world.

Delve into the Illustrated Basic Rules (5.1) and discover our exclusive Game Squire Classes, Items, Locations, Monsters, Races, and Spells. Join or initiate campaigns, harnessing our suite of tabletop campaign tools for campaign logs, notes, and AI-generated concepts. Characters burst into the narrative with rich backstories, vivid portraits, and comprehensive tools for tracking every facet of their odyssey.

With Game Squire, every choice, every character, and every campaign is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Join us and become the hero of your own story.

Game Master

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Game Masters are the true architects of adventure. With access to all the features of Game Squire, they can shape the world as they see fit. This includes everything from creating intricate campaigns and characters to generating unique monsters, items, and spells with the aid of our sophisticated AI. Game Masters can also generate stunning images and craft their own races, classes, and locations, making each adventure truly one of a kind. And all your creations are visible to your whole party.
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Game Master
Player Plus

Player Plus

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Player Plus members unlock a realm of unlimited creativity, with the power to create an infinite number of player characters. This tier is enhanced with advanced AI tools, allowing for deeper customization, image generation, and storytelling. Additionally, Player Plus adventurers can write notes and tags, bringing a personalized touch to their journey.
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Free Player

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For Free Players, the adventure begins with the ability to create one player character and utilize our innovative in-game tools. This is your gateway into a world of endless possibilities and the first step in your epic journey.
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Free Player
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Free Player
Player Plus
Game Master
Game Squire AI Tokens 20 200/mo 500/mo
Illustrated Basic Rules (5.1)
Basic Classes
Game Squire Classes
Basic Items
Game Squire Items
Game Squire Locations
Basic Monsters
Game Squire Monsters
Basic Races
Game Squire Races
Basic Spells
Game Squire Spells
Join Campaigns
Create Campaigns Unlimited
Create Campaign Logs Unlimited
Read Campaign Log Notes
Write Campaign Log Notes
Generate Campaign Concepts with AI
Add Campaign Images
Generate Campaign Images with AI
Read Campaign Notes
Write Campaign Notes
Tag Campaigns
Share Campaigns
Create Player Characters (PC) 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Create Nonplayer Characters (NPC) Unlimited
NPC Quickbuilder
In-game PC Tools
Track Hit Points
Track Inventory
Track Equipped Items
Track Hit Dice Usage
Track Spell Slots
Track Level Advancement
Generate Backstories with AI
Add Character Images
Generate Character Portraits with AI
Accept Awards
Print Character Card
Export Character (json)
Read Character Notes
Write Character Notes
Tag Characters
Share Characters
Create New Classes Unlimited
Add Class Images
Generate Class Portraits with AI
Read Class Notes
Write Class Notes
Tag Classes
Share Classes
Create Encounters Unlimited
In-game Encounter Tools
Party Auto-add PCs
Add NPCs
Add Monsters
Set Ally/Enemy Status
Determine Surprise
Determine Initiative
Run Combat Session
Auto-gen XP
Auto-gen Treasure
Allocate XP/Treasure via Awards
Customize Award Allocation
Create New Items Unlimited
Add Item Images
Generate Item Images with AI
Read Item Notes
Write Item Notes
Tag Items
Share Items
Create New Locations Unlimited
Location Quickbuilder
Add Location Images
Generate Location Images with AI
Add Maps
Read Location Notes
Write Location Notes
Tag Locations
Share Locations
Create New Monsters Unlimited
Add Monster Images
Generate Monster Images with AI
Read Monster Notes
Write Monster Notes
Tag Monsters
Share Monsters
Read Public* Notes
Read Private Notes
Create Public* Notes
Create Private Notes
Annotate Things You Don't Own
Join Parties by Invitation
Create Parties Unlimited
Add Party Images
Invite Players
Tag Parties
Create New Races Unlimited
Add Race Images
Generate Race Portraits with AI
Read Race Notes
Write Race Notes
Tag Races
Share Races
Create New Spells Unlimited
Add Spell Images
Generate Spell Images with AI
Read Spell Notes
Write Spell Notes
Tag Spells
Share Spells
Organize with Tags
Create Tags

* viewable by your party