Background Acolyte


You have spent your life in the service of a temple to a specific god or pantheon of gods. You act as an intermediary between the realm of the holy... read on
Background Agrarian


You've lived a life close to the land, surrounded by crops and livestock, and following the rhythms of the seasons. Maybe you worked a small plot of land belonging to... read on
Background Aristocrat


Born into a life of privilege, you hail from the upper echelons of society. Your family might be nobles, wealthy merchants, or esteemed scholars. You've grown up with wealth and... read on
Background Artisan


You are a master of a particular craft, skilled in creating works of art or functional items. Whether you’re a blacksmith, a painter, a baker, or engaged in some other... read on
Background Bourgeois


You hail from a life of relative comfort, nestled between the laboring lower classes and the untouchable aristocracy. Your family is part of the growing merchant or professional class, trading... read on
Background Clergy


You have been a member of the clergy, serving a church, temple, or religious organization. Your service could have been as a simple village priest, a monk in a secluded... read on
Background Con Artist

Con Artist

You’ve spent years learning the art of deception, manipulation, and persuasion. The city streets, crowded marketplaces, and grand halls were your playgrounds, and every interaction was a lesson in human... read on
Background Felon


You have a dark mark on your record, a crime that either by its nature or its notoriety has branded you as a serious offender in the eyes of society.... read on
Background Gladiator


You were once the star of the fighting arena, battling foes for the entertainment of others. Your days were spent in intense combat, and your nights in both celebration and... read on
Background Grifter


You're an expert at exploiting the weaknesses of human nature, using a combination of charm, wit, and cunning to achieve your goals. Whether you specialize in small cons or elaborate... read on
Background Guttersnipe


You grew up on the streets, scraping together what little you could to survive. Your life was hard, but it taught you how to fend for yourself through cunning, strength,... read on
Background Healer


You've dedicated your life to the art of healing, caring for the wounded, curing the sick, and bringing comfort to the dying. Your expertise may come from formal medical training,... read on
Background Hero


You are a figure of legend, a warrior or champion of the people who has achieved great deeds that others talk about. Whether you are a knight errant, a folk... read on
Background Knight


You have been trained from a young age in the arts of war and nobility, serving as a squire to a knight or noble. You've lived a life governed by... read on
Background Laborer


You come from a life of hard work, sweat, and toil. Perhaps you were a carpenter, a stonemason, a miner, or a dockworker. Whatever your trade, your hands are callused... read on
Background Malefactor


You are a harbinger of misfortune, a practitioner of curses, or perhaps just someone who revels in the suffering of others. For some, the path of the Malefactor is one... read on
Background Mariner


You've spent years navigating the vast oceans, wrestling with the elements, and facing dangers from deadly sea creatures to ruthless pirates. You know the language of the sea, the knots,... read on
Background Merchant


You've spent years buying and selling goods, haggling prices, and discerning the quality of wares. Your life as a merchant has given you a unique set of skills and a... read on
Background Monarch


You were born or chosen to rule, destined to sit on a throne and govern a realm. Whether you were a wise and just king, a fair and balanced queen,... read on
Background Peasant


You were born into a simple life, far removed from the luxuries and complexities of the aristocracy. You've labored hard just to make ends meet and have perhaps been a... read on
Background Performer


You’ve spent your life dazzling audiences, making a name for yourself in local theaters, roadside performances, or even grand palaces. Whether you’re a singer, dancer, musician, or some other type... read on
Background Pirate


You've lived a life of plunder and high-seas adventure, sailing under the black flag. Your past is filled with daring deeds, audacious escapades, and narrow escapes. Whether you were a... read on
Background Recluse


You've spent years isolated from society for a variety of possible reasons: religious or spiritual solitude, personal tragedy, deep study, or even hidden from an enemy. The experience has made... read on
Background Rune Scholar

Rune Scholar

You have dedicated years of your life to the study and interpretation of ancient runes, symbols that hold magical or historical significance. Perhaps you were part of an arcane academy,... read on
Background Scholar


You have devoted your life to intellectual pursuits, trying to unravel the mysteries of the world, the universe, or perhaps some arcane texts. Whether you've been part of a secret... read on
Background Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune

You were not just any soldier; you were a soldier of fortune, a mercenary who fought for gold rather than country or cause. Whether you served in a private army,... read on
Background Wildling


You were raised far from civilization, in the untamed wilderness that many dare not tread. Your upbringing taught you the laws of the land, which are much different from the... read on